A beautiful ski resort near Vancouver, British Columbia, over 8000 acres of skiable terrain.

Whistler is recognized as one of the best skiing and snowboarding areas in the world. Whistler Village is home to nearly 10 thousand residents. You can have fun at Whistler year round too.

Vancouver and Whistler are hosting the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games!
We're going to Whistler next weekend, yay!!
by j0813 January 28, 2005
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n. A booger lodged in the nose in such as way as to make a whistling sound as air passes by.
Please go blow your nose...that whistler is driving me crazy.
by j0e_average May 9, 2005
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A mechanism installed into a muffler to cause a whistling sound. It gives you the "woo-woo."
I just install whistlers to piss off Whitey.
by T1 May 12, 2004
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A "tweeter" from the sphincter.
What a sweet smellin' whistler.
by srd August 30, 2003
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(n) A kind of booger that causes a whistling noise as air passes through the nose.
No matter how hard I blow my nose, I can't seem to dislodge this whistler.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
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a word for a woman's vagina. Considered derogatory to some. Used in a similar manner to cunt but its usage is flexible in that it can be added to other words for vagina to make the meaning more specific. Gets its name from the whistling noise that comes from a loose vagina that whistles when a girl walks.
"Damn girl let me see that nasty whistler," or "That girl got a whistlin' snatch," or "that pussy whistles while it works, ya dig?"
by Gdaddy123 February 10, 2010
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