Non-resident Indian.
Banks like to cater to NRIs by offering ways for them to send money to their families in India.
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
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1. Non-resident Indian.

2. Non-reliable Indian. Used by residents of India to describe Indians who have immigrated abroad and thus cannot be expected to behave as permanent residents of India.
1. Banks like to cater to NRIs by offering ways for them to send money to their families in India.
by Peter K. Marx February 10, 2005
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Tyler: Yo Sally, wanna go out?
Sally: sorry i'm not into black guys... NRI
Tyler: oh aiite strayte, bye
by yankeefan213 December 21, 2010
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No Reply Intended

Where , usually in texts, someone writes something that really doesn't need a reply
guy one: man i need a drink.... wanna come to the pub?
guy two: yeah sure :D
guy one: see you in five
guy two: yeah
guy one: yep

a stupid, wasteful text where the one before was an NRI
by belgium RULES :D May 2, 2011
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Patel is an left India but never relinquished it in his heart. He is an NRI
by desistud November 22, 2010
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NRI (Non-Resident Indian) Nationalism is defined as expressing "love" for your country, India, while residing abroad by investing in transnational mining corporations based in India and supporting a govt that facilitates clearing of forests and incarcerating dissenters.
Akshay Kumar's nationalism is quite the typical example of NRI Nationalism despite he not having Indian citizenship.
by Class struggle memes June 8, 2019
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Usually this term is applied to the daughters of rich Indians (from India) abroad. The girls enjoy a lot in terms of alchohol, lifestyle, money.etc. They have a large collection of luxury cars and mansions for themselves and to enjoy with hot guys they meet. Their Old man provides all their financial and legal needs they have, whether it is caught in trouble with their guy or arrested for consuming drugs. Some of these girls noticed in public are daughters of underworld dons and smugglers and so like their dads they have 8 or 9 passports (to fake records and govt.).They often go shopping to European cities like Paris or Milan and have a very lavish spending. Nowadays, these girls are a major issue of gossip to people in India. These girls stay in different parts of the world like Europe, Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia and the Americas.
Nri girls in US, Dubai,Kuwait,Qatar,Singapore,London etc.,
by koolpex March 17, 2011
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