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The most overrated show in TV history. Peter Griffin is just Homer Simpson with hair, glasses, and a Boston accent, and the show's most famous jokes are either dragged out too long and/or repeated too many times. Not to mention the show relies too much on pop culture references to be funny. And anytime a song appears on the show (Rock Lobster, Surfin Bird, etc.), then suddenly every teen in America knows everything about the song and band-even if they never heard of either before.
FOX was smart to cancel Family Guy in 2002, but then they stupidly brought it back in 2005.
by GaaraoftheDamned December 14, 2012
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An awesome 2009 Rock music comedy that is horribly underrated. Known as "Pirate Radio" in the U.S., the film is about a group of Renegade Rockers in the 1960s broadcasting Rock n' Roll to the people of Britan all day, every day in a boat off the coast of Britan, when most stations only played jazz. The team is lead by an American DJ simply known as The Count (Phillip Seymour Hoffman). The music and antics attract the attention of Minister Dormandy (Kenneth Branaugh), who plans to shut them down.

Unsuprisingly the film is inspired by the pirate radio stations of the 1960s. The film was laregly panned by critics but is an overall awesome film that you should give a chance (at least) before you die.
I don't feel like watching "The Dark Knight". Let's watch "The Boat that Rocked" instead.
by GaaraoftheDamned January 3, 2011
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A memory that is usually traumatic and made so that it can't be recalled.
Peter started going to a therapist after recalling a repressed memory about being abused by his father.
by GaaraoftheDamned January 24, 2012
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Stupid, pointless method for writing a paper and citing your sources. Dictates that every little detail must be done in a certain way and if you make the smallest mistake then you deserve to fail (and be expelled if your in college).
The paper took me only a half hour, but I ended up spending all night correcting it because of the stupid MLA format rules.
by GaaraoftheDamned October 1, 2012
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Song by early Garage Rock/Rock n Roll band The Trashmen from their debut album of the same name. The Ramones did a terrific cover of it on their "Rocket to Russia" album.

A great song indeed. Sadly most kids today only know about it due to it's use on an episode of "Family Guy".
Kid A: What are you listening to?

Kid B: Surfin' Bird

Kid A: Sweet! Which version, The Trashmen or The Ramones?

Kid B: Ummm...Peter Griffin's?

Kid A: You mean The Trashmen's version.

Kid B: No I'm pretty sure this is Peter's

Kid A: *sigh* Never mind. *to self* That's why I'm fine with Futurama
by GaaraoftheDamned August 13, 2011
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Chicago's American League and south side MLB team (as opposed to the Cubs, who play on the North Side). Often regarded as the "second team of the second city" in spite of:

*More world series titles (three to the Cubs' two) as well as the advantage of actually having won a title in the last 100 (or rather 105) years.

*A statistically better record over the last 25 years (i.e. more winning seasons than losing)

*A newer, nicer stadium that helps provide a happy, fun, comfortable ballgame experience (Wrigley may have more history and outer beauty, but it's a different story inside the ballpark)

*Fans who, though not above taunting and harassing, will actually respect players and fans of the opposing team (unlike Cubs fans, who enjoy turning aggressive on innocent fans and players when things don't go their way)
When the White Sox lose, they admit it was the result of bad playing by their team or much better playing by the other, and look to build a better team from that point regardless.

When the Cubs lose, they blame some ridiculous "curse" or even one of their own fans and let yet another defeat become more and more part of the team's history and daily life
by GaaraoftheDamned January 20, 2014
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1. Something intended so that all members of the family, little kids, older kids (ages 10-teen) kids, parents, and grandparents can enjoy.

2. Codeword used by conservative nutjobs to ban gay rights/marriage, prevent Marijuana legalization, outlaw most Rock music, Heavy Metal and Rap, or at least get it censored, make video games age-restricted, try to get multiple shows and movies like South Park, Beavis and Butthead, Pokemon, and the Harry Potter movies banned or restricted, and shove religion down everyone's throats.
1. We had my young cousins over last night and had to sit through a Family-Friendly movie. Honestly it wasn't that bad and it was a lot more pleasant than school.

2. Conservative nutjob: Thanks to our efforts, we are on the way to creating a more family-friendly nation full of war but free from homosexuality, harmless drugs that would help our economy, music, and anything else that does not promote christianity unto everyone
by GaaraoftheDamned July 8, 2011
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