That girl is fine n all but she got some mad bear arms yo!
by E McD September 21, 2010
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All U.S Americans have 'the right to bear arms', but in practice, only white people can trust police to allow them to have this right.
The white to bear arms is evident when comparing the police response to Kyle Rittenhouse, when he was allowed to walk away after he shot three people with an illegal gun and comparing that response to a Minnesotan police officer shooting Philando Castile in front of his family after he notified the officer that he had a legal gun in his car.
by America is the bad place November 23, 2021
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The 2nd and most controversial ammendment to the Constitution. It is part of the bill of rights.

1) The right to have bear-like arms

2) The right to own a firearm

3) The right to shoot a bear and put its arms on the wall

4) The most confusing thing in the world
1) Damn! Halloween is so much better now that I have the right to wear bear arms. I'm going to scare everybody!

2) Martha, I'z goin' a shoot me a crocodillio or a deer for our dinna' cause I gots the right to bear me some arms.

3) Since I have the right to bear arms, I might as well mount this petrified bear on the wall.

4) What were our forefathers thinking when they gave us the right to bear arms? Maybe they never thought it was possible for something this vauge to be misinterperated.
by POMLOVE May 19, 2006
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It's a code for getting kindle replaced
Me: ITS IN OUR SECOND AMENDMENT! See shallan! ❤️ He can Bear arms!
by 123heygirl April 16, 2018
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A large lump of excrement,possibly left in the pot overnight,giving it a furry appearence around the edges
i went to perform my morning ablutions and imagine my surprise when i discovered someone had left ateddy bears arm in my toilet.
by Chris Ord August 31, 2006
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A basic human right in the US constitution. Would life really be worth living if you can't blow the brains out of every gay, muslim and black that passes our ranch? How else will gangstas cap whiteys' ass?All that's left is to restore the last important right, the right to arm bears.
70,000 Americans are shot every year. In the UK, where guns are banned, the number is around 5. Which means in the USA you are 14,000 times more likely to be shot each year. If you call that self defense, you better see someone.

The right to bear arms is written here so this can be sent to UD.
by Fat Fee July 2, 2010
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1)- Childishly adorable.

2)- Nick name for some children.

3)- Sometimes a nick name for pussys who've been raised all their life with total OVER KILL in positive reinforcement.

As an end result is a grown male of low intelligence who talks in a high voice and acts like a little bitch. Often playing on another persons pity in order to survive.

The real tragedy is when seeking to be a big boy they join the army in a soft skill MOS. Make it through co-ed basic and then reclass as combat arms and deploy to Iraq with other people counting on him to watch their fucking six.

-----------Notable traits--------

-Quits when things get physically challenging(Even in combat

-Often bends facts afterward to paint self in positive light

-NEEDS the army. The army plays the role of full time baby-sitter for some adult men.

-Generally stupid, lacks common sense. Often asks and reasks rhetorical questions and informs leaders of information of nugatory nature. By doing so makes himself feel important by interacting with those of higher rank and through derisive logic regards himself superior to other lower enlisted.

1)PFC Lester is in the army but still does childish things
Thats why I always call him cutie bear (Armed forces)

-Wets the bed

-Talks about being a ranger, pilot,ninja
Magic abilites, Space journeys ect.

-Freezes under fire

-Plays D&D

-Proudly wears CIB and braggs about it



2) cutie bear (Armed Forces) got his sweet little balls pinched for fucking up again.
by Chucked October 3, 2007
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