"NPC Behavior" refers to the phenomenon where individuals exhibit behaviors in real life that closely resemble those of non-playable characters (NPCs) in video games.
"Look, that's some serious NPC behavior right there!"
by Naashious July 19, 2023
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When someone is so incredibly out of it that they look like an NPC.
“That guy just tripped on his shoe 4 times in a row.”

“I have lung cancer, inoperable.”
“That’s some NPC behavior right there.”
by TheWallIsTheBestVillain October 11, 2022
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NPC Behavior #86 is a behavior done by an individual when they only do something just because other people are doing it, wether it would be hating something or loving something, they would follow along without a second thought.

This behavior is common amongst people who likes to fit in with a particular group or person. They wouldn't hate if no one hates, they wouldn't love if no one loves. They are generally just NPCs at this point
You see that person, he hates gas prices just because everyone hates gas prices, he can't even drive yet, that must be an example of NPC Behavior #86
by LePost James September 15, 2022
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Non NPC Behavior (NNPCB) is a type of behavior that is abnormal or irregular, used to describe people who act out of the ordinary.
Did you see that guy randomly roaring? That is Non NPC Behavior.
The students at the school engage in Non NPC Behavior by vandalizing school lockers.
by Urbanium Dictionarium May 11, 2022
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