You might think it means an exploding star but to us here in Virginia it just means North Virginia.
Do you like living here?
You kidding? This isn;t just NOVA - It's SUPERNOVA.
by AM-VA August 24, 2023
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Northern Virginia, the counties of Fairfax, Arlington, Prince William, and Loundon.
NOVA is a region of Virginia and suburbs of Washington, DC.
by Gfunk January 18, 2006
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Acronym for Northern Virginia Community College. Where the "N" stands for "Nowledge"
South Lakes Graduate-"I'm going to NOVA"
Herndon Graduate-"Dumass"
by Gina December 24, 2004
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The area of northern virginia that borders Washington D.C. Fairfax, Arlington, Annadale and Alexandria. The NOVA area is completly diffrent than your average southern virginia with more of an East Coast attitude as opposed to slow pace attitude of the rest of virginia. People from NOVA proudly distingish themselvs from the rest of virgnia as being more urbanized and modern.
Jake: Your from Virgina ? You must do nothing but tip cows all day..

Tim: Its not even like that, I am from NOVA man we dont have cows anywhere around here.
by C-Lever December 11, 2006
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slang term for the Northern area in Virginia; the best place to grow up in the suburbs. Also a name of a Community College in the area, usually occupied of all the deadbeats who couldn't make it or are just transferring after a few years to a real life college. Most Northern Virginians are a big deal.
Manassas is in the NOVA.
I want to go home to the NOVA.
Nokesville is in the NOVA.
by Amandidah November 8, 2006
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Northern Virginia.
The fucking sickest, and most distinct region of Virginia.
NOVA (Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William with the motherfucking individual cities and towns of Alexandria, Dale City, Falls Church, Fairfax, Manassas, and Woodbridge) is known to disassociate itself from the rest of Virginia.
We host the truest shows in Fredricksburg and Sterling.
Militia Crew, 24/7 Taco Bell, Potomac Mills, Springfield, and Tyson's keep our scene breathing.

Since NOVA is near Washington DC, it causes a lot of punk ass kids to think they're tougher than they really are.
These kids are called washouts. They smoke, they fuck, and they shop. They create crews that can't fight worth shit.
Regardless, we are fucking sick and we aren't a part of that fucked up cow tipping shit happening in SOVA man.
We've raised Suicide Girls, we've raised badasses, and we are constantly raising kids to talk mad shit and spit mad game. MOTHERFUCKER.
Person 1: Where are you from?
Person 2: NOVA.
Person 1: Oh, so just Virginia right?
Person 2: No, I distinctly said NORTHERN VIRGINIA.
Person 1: What's the difference?
Person 2: Man you better cut this out before I cut you out with your annoying bitch ass questions you pussyfag.
by WBVA October 22, 2007
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northern Virginia, consisting ONLY of Alexandria, Richmond highway and up. Suburban area to DC. The DMV.
Moe: aye shawd im tryna fuck witchu, where you stay?
Youngin': NOVA like shit.
by batch booy February 29, 2012
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