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A smart girl with wonderful smile and alway has your back whenever needed. Although some could be rude but if u get to know them they are really nice.
I love this name NOHA
by Noha bas noha September 29, 2018
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(Informal and non-standard structure)
Don't have something.
Cassey: Le'go to the salon!
Miranda: Sorry Cas'. No has money.
by VInf April 29, 2015
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She is one of the cutest girl alive.she’s very kind and beautiful from inside and outside.Everybody loves her because she’s very helpful and she is an independent girl,she inspires you the way she talks and moves and everything.All of her familiy loves her and they wish they were such like her.she’s a role model for everyone specially for her daughters and sons.she is an animal lover and she cares about dogs and people she loves.
I wanna be such like noha.

Everybody loves noha.
by Reya March 23, 2019
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Defined by Wikipedia as the pakistani plural of brains. Noha is a girls name, usually of Islamic ethnicity. The name Noha can mean beautiful and graceful. Nohas are usually smart, as depicted by their name.
Jackson: Who's that girl?
Augustus: Why, chap, that's Noha, the smart girl!

Noha, smart, beautiful, graceful, poetry, Islam, Muslim, brains
by Supeamaeren June 10, 2008
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the dumbest and laziest bitch in the world.Has an iq of -5.wants the N word pass
noha to gayjesus: i love u senpai(๑╹ω╹๑ )
gayjesus:i love you too
via giphy
by master bait 2deith February 07, 2019
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A misspelling of the common name "Noah" made when someone's IQ is below 12
That dumbass Alex called me Noha when he saw me in the hall
by Billy Stamina October 30, 2018
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