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an acronym standing for "No One Gives a Fuck". It comes from the common no life facebook post, in which any good samaritan should kindly relay the message that no one cares.

The comment is geared towards but not limited to; vague posts on how the night was, what they ate, some dumb philosophy on relationships, and the hot new person they are into. If a post looks like a plead for attention just post NOGAF
Girl on FB:Depressing night :(
Good Samaritan:NOGAF

Girl on FB: god this always happens to me:(
Good Samaritan: NO GAF
by Bill Ruthersbe IV August 19, 2012
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No one Gives a Fuck. A situation or moment when you just don't give a flying fuck about something.

A handy abbreviation used to display your utter and complete disinterest in a situation or person.

An instance of utter pointlessness where giving even a portion of a rats arse is unneeded.
SHE: "i think my water just broke !"
ME: ohh....NoGAF

HIM : "heyyy so whats the scene yo who'all are coming out clubbing tonight ?"
ME: umm may, sara, aaron and their NoGAF spouses
by TUSHIE October 11, 2012
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