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Next Level Shit.
Used among traceurs/freerunners to describe crazy ass tricks.
payrunner: Hey bro did you see Team Farang's new video Boss Mode?
freerunner: Yeah I did, they threw some NLS!

payrunner: Hey did you see the shit Zyrken pulled at the Tempest Pro Takeover?
freerunner: Yeah man they gave him the NLS award.
by dnastyfreerun July 05, 2013
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Not Life Safe. Compare to NWS, Not Work Safe.
Used for images that are highly disturbing or disgusting.
Person 1: (goatse)
Person 2: Gah, put a NLS warning, Jesus!
by Ssonic March 18, 2007
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Acronym: Next Level Shit. To be of advanced skills or having characteristics of a more advanced stage, especially regarding relationships.
Yo - you want me to make breakfast? I'm sorry but that's NLS.
by Michaelzen May 07, 2018
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not look safe
to tag a link that may cause use of eyebleach.
I only browse NLS sites.
goatse is NLS.
by pyg January 24, 2007
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Nigger Loving Slut- any nonblack female that prefers sex with only black males
you see anna with that black guy, yeah shes a NLS
by wordman April 25, 2005
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