Nlm(Nobody loves me) and everyone hates me i should just go already I'm sorry for wasting your time.
by SADB☺YS September 6, 2017
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Girlfriend: Baby please NLM.

Boyfriend: Aww don't worry babe i'd never leave you, you're my everything.
by BazookaGoBoom10 July 15, 2018
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Keystroke pictogram for giving someone the middle finger. Also acceptable is the nlm mln (two hander), as well as the added thumb version ( \nlm mln/ ).
by Don December 3, 2003
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a shortcut to using the words: "No Laughing Matter"
other dude: rotflmao!!!
dude: THIS IS NLM!!!
by ze pwn3r February 18, 2007
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a emoticon I use on aim to represent me flipping somone of.
Ilovecock:UR A COCK JUGGLING THUNDERCUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me: \nlm--(-_-)--mln/eat my ass,FUCKFACE!!!!!!!!
by cockpushups July 1, 2006
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A disgusting little pig boy named Matt who comments gross things on your snap. Has a big dick tho 🤷
Wow I never realized that a Nasty Little Man (NLM) could irritate me so much through snap chat with gross messages- he got a big dick tho...
by Trash_hq January 2, 2020
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