Name of a Chinese electric vehicle brand.
The company also took part in the FIA Formula E Championship, the first single-seater, all-electric racing series.
The NIO supercar set the record the fastest lap by an electric vehicle for the Circuit of the Americas, Shanghai International Circuit and the Circuit Paul Ricard tracks
by The Chinese Car Expert January 19, 2020
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nio will be at this party tonight. AWESOME!!!
by zsix February 28, 2011
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"no" or "Know"
Why I don't Nio

by krugball February 21, 2004
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An emphatic term of opposition to a given proposal. An utterance from a bratty boy or girl.
from the car in front of us at Dairy Queen drive-thru "Nio!!! That is nyot what I ORDERED!"
by Brunnyhead September 25, 2009
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a girl who is super stubborn when it comes to romance but always lets her guard down for the one she loves most. Nio preferes to hang alone and do dark things when no body is around. Nio hates when boys flirt with her and she hates making new friends.
Michael: Man oh man i wish she was my lady.

Rylie: Damn Nio is awesome
by June 17, 2018
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1. agreeing/aknowledging something.
2. a greeting.
3. describing something - add ly
4. used in conjunction with murr
5. can be added to the end of a word to give it greater meaning
1. going to the movies tonight?
2. dude!
3. we did it niosly
4. lets murr niosly
5. that shit is phatinios
by Baer September 21, 2003
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New origin. New energy source.

Everybody has the potential to tap into their Nio Endo if they find the courage to look into the unknown and challenge their mundane pattern of life. Your Nio Endo exists within you, remains an untapped source of energy that has the possibility to transform and change your entire perspective of life. It is only you and you yourself that can tap into you, Nio Endo. Albeit, it is difficult to find this source of energy within, once you do, your life will be transformed, goals steady and your mind open to the endless possibilities of life.

Nio (neo) - New / Endo (endogenous) - Within/Origin
I have changed my outlook on life after finding my Nio Endo.
by The Word Press July 22, 2021
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