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A sound of happiness/contentment used by furries. A made-up 'animal noise' word along the same lines as yiff that probably came from the word 'purr.'
JigglyFox: ::backscritches:: ::cuddles:: ^_______^

WangPanda: ::murrs n licks ur face:: ^.^
by Hatlord March 18, 2005
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The moaning/growling sound made by a friendly canine (such as a dog). Often heard emitted as a reply when the animal has been spoken to.
"Who's a good boy?" the man asked his dog, scratching it behind the ears. The dog murred happily.
by Winged Wolf January 11, 2013
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The term murr is used to describe the phenomenon when one's conscious experience cannot be enumerated with mere words. Murr is used as a linguistic surrogate to stand in for emotion that cannot be put into words. In this way murr encompasses many meanings as its definition can only be derived from its context.
Nerdy dude: "i love your quirks"

Attractive female: "murr"

Nerdy dude: "murr"
by BurtMurrgler August 02, 2011
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A general sound of contentment. Made by extremely happy people. Just to show the happiness. Drawn from the french word for blackberries, "Mรปres", because blackberries ARE happiness.
Person 1: My gosh I'm stuffed. Wasn't that a good meal?

Person 2: MURR.
by Mikiden February 06, 2005
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interjection used to express a plenitude of feelings, usually mildly negative: dismay, grumpiness, irritation
While watching the Emmys (NOT by choice), Alex discovered that some actor that he'd never heard of or seen before had died. And it made Alex real sad because, and I quote, "I hate it when cute people die." When I asked him if he'd be that upset if I died, his response was, "Am I in the will yet?" MURR.
by alex's aunt September 30, 2011
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1. A generic, multipurpose word used and/or originated by furries.
2. Used to add sexual implication, approval, or acceptance.
3. Anything you want it to mean, and some things you don't want it to mean.
n. I got my murr on last night!

v. I murred him so hard last night!

pron. Murr one of you came on my bedsheets?

adj. look at the incredibly murry sheath on him!

adv. He bent the fox over and took him murrily

prep. the fox bent murr the table and lifted his tail high

conj. He grabbed his hands murr tied them behind his back

int. Murr!
by Desalora November 16, 2008
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A reply to a question to witch you do not have time to fully answer or to which the answer is already known by the questioner.

A conjunction used, where another word of the English language will simply not fit.
The forepart of a simple explanation made to a peer or used in an informal conversation.
Person A: "I wouldnt go in the pool"
Person B: "Why not?"
Person A: "Murr there is bacon in it"
by stexstuff December 19, 2005
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