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A girl who is always upbeat. Everyone wants to be friends with Rebeka. She's gorgeous and amazing. She is hilarious and kind. Everyone loves her.
Person: Who is that angel?

Person2: That's Rebeka.

Person: I wish I were her friend.
by KindPoet February 27, 2017
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A person who gets jumpy after consuming caffeine. A rebeka is often very gullible but very intelligent. A rebeka is often a word to describe a 'human google'.A rebeka is a self-taught doctor. A rebeka has tight abs due to plenty of laughter because of her bubbly personality.
I feel like a rebeka this morning.
by Joseph.v September 10, 2013
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Girl who wears sexy glasses
Gets judged for her looks
Goes to Maccies almost everyday/nonstop eating
Loves a good time in bed
#maccies #onetoomany #sexy #rebeka
by Dylan_c July 02, 2017
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A rockstar of the coolest kind. Pretty much the biggest superstar you could find.
Joe: Hey Bill, did you see that rebeka?
Bill: Yea man shes a rockstar!!!
by Carlota January 24, 2008
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An extremely gay person who has a penis and is a girl. She tends to watch yaoi with her gay friends. She then penetrates.
"Damn Rebeka is really go at it"
"Stop being so Rebeka"
by Suspicious May 19, 2018
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