Short form for "Nice guy but..."

Descriptor of a guy you are not interested in, even though there is nothing glaringly wrong with him. Can be used to introduce a variety of usually minor flaws or reasons that said guy is not "it". Not overly critical, but is final dismissive.
Q: "So, how'd it go with Jason last night?"
A: "It was okay, not great - NGB."
by wordy40 January 31, 2006
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A person who, albeit a good person, is not desired sexually(Nice girl/guy but...)
Dude #1:U hook up with my sister's friend yet?

Dude #2:Yeah, but she's just an NGB
by satanhitler November 29, 2003
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Stemming from the term "non-grouper basket", an NGB is a ridiculously hot female.
Yo Sean, check out that NGB!
by Vinnie P. March 20, 2008
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NGB = No Game Breaks.
The act of not taking a break from spittin' game. It is often a good thing to not take a game break, because if you do, it means that you have no game.
I saw you hook up with that girl bro, NGB dude
by pooze2012 November 17, 2010
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ngb is an abbreviation for nogapsbetween, a band from cape town, south africa.
you may see their stickers around and wonder, "what is ngb?"
well now you know!
by nogapsbetweenslut June 17, 2013
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