National Forensics League

League endorsing and promoting speech and debate for people, particularly those in high school.

Good way to get over stage fright and meet interesting people. Not to be confused with the National Football League.
That NFL competition on Saturday was awesome. I placed in Extemp and OPP, and I had fun in controversy debate too.

Not to mention I met someone nice. :D
by Gruu January 2, 2004
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Slang meaning "Never Forget Loyalty" claimed my rapper Kodak Black
loyal NFL
by Nba_Ezra February 9, 2018
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A 4 Hour Commercial, with some occasional Football inbetween.
Hey! I just saw a new Taco Bell Burrito being advertised during the NFL, right before their brief break to some lame Football stuff.
by G-Union 2 August 2, 2004
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A league of the most extroadinary football players in the world. It is sometimes hard to watch because every other play is a commercial.
Welcome to the NFL!!
-Mcnabb throws to owens at the 30, owens at the 20, the 15, breaks a defenderrrrr - lets go to a commercial.
by nego December 6, 2005
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Nickname for NFL. Not for long.
I didn't last long in the nfl.
by Kuehlstein December 27, 2017
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Not for long
“Are you still talking to her?” she asked.

Yeah but nfl,” replied Josh.
by casinobeanz December 1, 2019
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