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Non-Existent Relationship

1. The transition period between singlehood/"just friends" and a committed relationship

2. More than a hookup, but not quite a relationship

3. For people in friends with benefits relationships who want to deny it

4. The relationship status "it's complicated" on Facebook
Girl 1: Is he your boyfriend?
Girl 2: Ner...
by latticewalls December 17, 2010
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Ner is an easier way of saying No because it requires less tounge movement/articulation. Also, it sounds better than the standard No, which everyone's heard millions of times. Add a little spice to your life; use Ner.
Did you put your dishes in the dishwasher?
Okay...? Right....
by PinguinoNOC February 03, 2004
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An exclimation used when something is not working properly, or when someone says something stupid.
Your computer crashes you say, "Ner!", or Jeff says, "whats a chode?" you say "Ner!"
by morpheus October 18, 2003
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No. Nope. Hell no. Your mama look like gravy and rice.
You want some grits? Ner.
You want cornrows? Ner.
Did your EBT just get declines? Ner.
Are you onlys on that welfares? Ner, I be on dat food stamps to. (This grammar mistake is intended. This is created by a white person who cannot leave the grammar mistake unexplained.)
U got Sprint? Ner, I got Boost.
Can I get a quarter? Ner.
Sir you want it buttered on both sides? Ner, I want it butteredonbofsides. BOF SIDES.
by KalRog December 18, 2012
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The sound a cow makes. Commonly mistaken for the more popular but incorrect 'moo', Ner is actually the documented sound emitted by cows when they express themselves.
by Pureghetto October 08, 2004
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