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The act of being dogmatic about a particular situation. The act holding a firm position on a given subject and sticking to it. Not budging, not backing down, sticking to your position, not leaving, or standing firm. Originated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the early 2000's but has since spread to Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and mainly other Midwest areas and is starting to catch on near the east coast in areas such as Boston, Massachusetts and even Portland, Maine.
Twan: "So I hear yo' girl is making you buy her some shoes or else she won't let you have sex with her."
John: "ain't goin. I'm broke and she ain't gettin shit."

Twan: "Aye bro, I bet once dude comes in here to come beat your ass you are gunna run out that door!"
John: "I ain't goin! I'm bout to woop his ass if he tries anything."
by Mil-town Mufucka December 08, 2011
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