Mom NBT is an acronym which stands for May Or May Not Be True. It is used with sarcasm to describe an awkward, embarrassing, or strange situation that is actually true though you don't really want to admit it openly.
Mom NBT It's Friday night and I am home alone watching Hannah Montana.

Mom NBT I made out with a chick with a mustache last night.

Mom NBT I have no recollection of what happened last night.
by whathappensinvegas June 4, 2009
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Create me a kit using NBT data on Minecraft.
by NBT_Data April 16, 2021
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Never Been Touched ... aka Sandro Santos
Have you met my friend NBT?
by DonSideco January 29, 2019
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Next Best Thing - acronym to describe the phenomenon where gay men - perhaps str8 too - continuously and ravenously look for something better or more than what's currently on tap.
&sing Grindr and chatting with several guys, after making a plan … something takes over - the NBT Affect -wanting a better version or opportunity and ignored what was right there in front of them.
by Skõt August 16, 2021
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NBT is the abbreviation that represents a group of spiritual like minded people seeking Nothing But Truth. This group can be located on most of the major platforms.

NBT may be used in HashTags and @names to abbreviate that you are speaking of Nothing But Truth
by NBTSKY April 25, 2021
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