1. The act or appearance of not amounting to anything in life.

2. The act or appearance of not caring what others think of you.

3. Having extreamly high self-esteem while lacking public dignity.
Look over there. That really fat chick with the light blue skirt, lime green tank top, and those hot pink tights..... NEVER BE!!
by Nvrbhntr December 30, 2010
This means to say that pay something back in small amounts over a period of time.
by Adu18 May 22, 2017
a person who has not achieved success or fame, despite considerable effort. Unlike a has-been, who at least had once enjoyed noteworthy stature, a never-was simply fails to become prominent. Normally refers to a person unsuccessful in athletics, the entertainment industry, or other creative arts.

Plural - never-weres
Although he'd written a few catchy songs in his heyday, he attracted little fanfare and hung up his guitar after deciding that in the world of music, he hadn't been destined to become anything more than a never-was.
by D.S. Credito February 21, 2015
Similar to a has-been, but without the interval of being genuinely famous between originally being a nobody and then becoming a nobody again (afterwards).

The term is also sometimes applied to pseudo-celebrities that are used to pad out the roster of guests at TV programs and other events that wanted real celebrities, but couldn't get them.

Sometimes, the never-will-be is deluded enough to think that they truly were famous at some point, and is irritated that they aren't generally treated like the celebrities they feel they should have been.

Synonym: never-was.
He's never done anything important enough to be a has-been -- he's a never-will-be.
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 29, 2006
A defensive term used when someone accuses you of a foul action or attribute. Another way of saying, "You got me fucked up."
"I heard you sucked my man Steve off at the party last weekend. Everybody saying you a thot."
"Nah, nigga NEVER THAT!"
by Rubbercity December 30, 2016
a phrase often used by someone who would rather emphatically reject the possibility of a proposed scenario than offer a self-reflective and genuine response.

bc "no not never" is almost always a knee-jerk or automatic denial, those on the receiving end of the term usually suspect that the protagonist has deep-rooted issues and is, therefore, projecting the issue off of his/herself rather than reflecting on what caused the aversion to self-reflection in the first place.
MANNY: cord, you gay a.f.
CORD: i mean, i don't think i am but i guess if i lived forever maybe i would get bored and try but for now i've only been into ladies. do you think you're gay, ma--?
MANNY: no not never. fuck you punches cord in the dick
by idtst July 9, 2017