A pass from black people to white people to allow to use the word Nigga ...

Haiti's first president Jean-Jacques Dessalines called Polish people "the White Negroes of Europe", which was then regarded a great honour, as it meant brotherhood between Poles and Haitians. Many years later, François Duvalier used the same concept when referring to Polish people.

therefore poles have an infinite pass to use the word
White person: Wassupp my Nigga!
Black person: Wait dafuck you say to me
White person: Don't worry man Im polish so i have infinite use of the N-word pass *whips out passport
Black person: Welcome back to the family nigbruh
by PussySlayer9900 March 6, 2019
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An unwritten pass that allows you to say the n-word ONCE! Does not expire. Can only administered by black people. Can be traded for sex and/or Pokemon cards.
Jerome gave me an N-word pass but I used it instantly.
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Giving a white person the ability to say the N - Word
"Don't worry I have an N-Word Pass, NIGG-
by NoDadGang January 10, 2019
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The N-Word Pass is a sacred and mythical item, only seen in legends. It is a mythical scroll, said to contain a legendary permission to use the forbidden N-Word.
Guy 1: So I heard you got an N-Word Pass last week?

Guy 2: Yeah, nigga.
by LitchBasagna June 4, 2019
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Some form of permission from someone of African descent given to someone of another race, usually white, giving them permission to say the N-Word without it being racist.
"Hey Ni🅱️🅱️a" "Bruh what?" "It's okay, Tyrone gave him the N-Word pass."
by Oofpacitomos September 19, 2019
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N-Word Pass can be given out by a black person to a white/non-black person with indefinite uses. But user of N-Word Pass shall not abuse the word by saying it in a rude/malicious way towards black person. The capacity of the N-Word Pass is 0/1. A singular non-black person can not have more than 1. Failing to follow the rules can lead to a suspension. (A chosen period of time that the non-black person can not use the N-Word.) A Ban (A indefinite amount of time without the use of the N-Word unless you apeal to the same black person and they remove your ban.) And lastly taking the N-Word Pass (The non-black person can no longer say the N-Word till they acquire a new one.) These are the basics of the N-Word Pass.
After N-Word pass has been given
Black Friend: I give Connor a N-Word Pass
Connor aka White friend: Thx my Nigga
Black Friend: No problem

Before N-Word Pass has been given

Black People:
Connor Aka white person: Wassup my niggas
Connor gets jumped*
by Official Black Man January 23, 2022
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The pass that allows you to say "Nigga". You can only use it once though.
Me: *whips out my N-Word Pass* "NIGGA"
by BoomerPlusKidEqualsBidOrKoomer December 5, 2019
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