The N Word Pass is the pass where you can say the n word even if you're white, spanish or anything... Since you are reading this, you get an unlimited n word pass
yo. my friend tyrone gave me the n word pass and now i can say the n word pass even though im white
by your dad getting milk yeet January 25, 2020
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A pass given by a black friend for being trusted by heart.
(I don't have one please give me one!)
White G: "Hey man you should give me the N-word pass man."
Nigga: "Nah man, you ain't ready for that yet."
White G: "Ay a'right man I understand my nigg-"
Nigga: *Shoots White G dead*
by Somebody who doesn't care March 01, 2019
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If you were to ask a black person you know "can I have an N-Word Pass?" and they say yes, then it does not expire and has infinite uses. If they say how long it's good for, then this is not the case. You can not abuse it, however, because if you do, then it gets revoked by a black person.
white person: "Can I have an N-Word Pass?"
black person: "Sure, here you go."


white person: "Can I have an N-Word Pass?"
black person: "Sure, but it can be used (number) times / good for (number) (days, weeks, months, years)
by ItsYaBoiH3r3 Was Deleted May 02, 2019
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If your black friend gives you the pass, you now have an ability to say the n word
"yooo dude can I say the n-word?"
"Do you have the N-word pass"
"uhh no"
"well then you can't say it"
by Ylkers April 01, 2019
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