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N+ is a platformer in which you play as a small ninja and must traverse levels using your acrobatic skills. In order to complete a level you must collect a key and make it to the door before the timer runs out. Players can also collect gold pieces to add time. There is a free PC version along with XLA and PSP versions.
N+ is a great game, but the cause of much frustration.
by OPM Fiend February 17, 2009
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The greatest ninja-related game ever created.
"Dude what are you doing this weekend?" "Playing N+ at Frost's house, what else?"
by Araballz January 24, 2009
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The second installment in the N series. N+ is a game where you are a ninja in a world taken over by robots. You have no weapons or defense against these robots, so you are forced to retreat. The game has a multiplayer online and local competition. The game was rated a G.O.T.Y.
My friend: Hey dude, wanna play N+?
Me: Yeah, sure! Come on!
by djsafkljslkaj September 26, 2019
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