Myas are amazing friends/family that you will ever have. They can be weird and crazy, but also always have your back. They make you laugh and smile, but can be mad if you spell their name Maya.
"Mya, what's wrong?"
"This keychain spelled my name Maya.. I'm going to kill it."
by xXSernitySenna December 08, 2018
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A an amazingly nice funny girl who's always there for people, has a kind heart and can be a bitch when she wants too. Also, the princess of egypts name is Mya so Mya is a princess.
by Cupcakefluffyberry February 07, 2015
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The most bestest person on the planet, she's beautiful, funny, smart and just all around great girl. This is who you wanna be with.
Mya is my Rose and I'm so lucky to be with her.
by king mong November 06, 2014
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Mya is a female name. Mya is somebody that everybody wishes they could be and is somebody that is a leader of all. She is the perfect mixture of awesomeness, intelligence, athletic power, clever wits, fashionable sense, sense of humour, money saver, good looks, artistic, the nice girl and anything else you could imagine. She's friendly and when you become her good friend you should be delighted.
GIRL- "I'm looking for the perfect friend... What do you think?"

GIRL 2: "I think you should find a Mya. She is perfect!"

BOY: "Dude, I'm looking for a perfect girlfriend. Know anyone?"

BOY 2: "Duh! Date a Mya. There's nothing better!"
by Carson Dailyyyy January 01, 2014
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If you find a Mya, do not let her go. She is crazy, annoying, awkward sometimes, and can be salty, but once u have her, she is loyal, sweet, funny, always has ur back, and is one of the best people you will ever meet. Do not mess this up. Myas don’t like being messed with, no playin and just be straight, tell her like it is. Mya’s don’t usually have a lot of friends, and it’s hard for her to make friends sometimes. Do. Not. Let. Her. Go. No matter how deep into the shark infested waters u two get, keep her close. If you aren’t close with a Mya yet, definitely keep talking to one/her and bring up conversation. You’ll never regret it.
Hey, you know that mya girl?
Yeah, I heard she’s pretty chill
Well back off, she’s mine.

by That One Guy Andre November 12, 2018
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Mya is an amazing person. A Mya has a lot of complex thoughts and feelings; remember this because she gets offended if you dumb her down or be condescending. She is normally tall with lighter hair, pretty eyes, and a extremely sassy personality. She will be the most sarcastic person you will ever know, and a lot of the time it will come out mean, but you should know she's just joking around. She isn't one to rush into a relationship quickly, so take it slow. She will normally put band members over you, so take that into consideration before dating her. She's usually insecure about her appearance, so make sure you remind her that she's beautiful. She is nice on the outside, but when you get to know her, she's an absolute bitch, but in a 'just kidding' way. She swears like a sailor, but only in private. She will usually pick Coke over Pepsi, but it depends on the day. She's extremely smart, and will usually facepalm if you don't get her references. She appreciates books, and is very socially awkward. She is a great person, so if you manage to get a Mya, hang on to her. You won't find another one.
Person 1: Mya is so nice!
Person 2: OML she is!
Mya: oh ya sure you dumb motherfucking cunt.
by MaisieVonVanity August 16, 2016
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I finally have a Mya in my life so one kind hearted,loving,caring and can be a real smart ass sometimes but that’s why you have too love her. She will be the best thing too ever happen too you and trust me when I say this you never wanna get on her bad side because omg all hell will break loose😂 she is also the strongest person I know and always puts other people before here self. She is something too look forward too and will always find a way too put a smile on your face.
by Ctree April 18, 2019
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