A gorgeous multitalented girl. She is typically tall with brown hair and beautiful eyes and perfect lips. She has a gorgeous smile. She has a lot of energy and will always have you on your toes. She likes to be in the know and will probably ask many questions. She over thinks things and has a tendency to get obsessed or jealous easily. Take your time with a Mya. Don't make one angry, they are typically good at revenge and capable of making your life miserable. A Mya has a. Strong sex drive and is known to be good in bed. A Mya is very random and spontaneous and will be up for anything. A Mya is mysterious and sexy. They're very persuasive and are good at getting what they want. They're smart and powerful. Everything a guy could want. If you get the chance to meet a Mya, hold on to her tight even if she tries to run. She is probably running to see if you will chance her. Do it.
I hung out with Mya the other day and damn... She's complex.
by Areyou4realz November 09, 2013
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First off, I wanna clarify something. If you are talking to someone named mya, DONT LET HER GO. She is the most beautiful, caring, and outgoing person you will ever cross paths with. Her eyes are beautiful, her blonde hair is beautiful, her face and smile are beautiful, everything about her is just amazing. She has the perfect personality. She doesn't get angry when she doesn't need to, shes very caring and helpful, as well as protective and nice. She is the most lovable person in the entire world. She loves hugs, but only when SHE wants one. Every minute you spend with her feels like an eternity, and you love it. Every minute you spend without her feels like everlasting hell (I advise against being in that positions). Overall the most perfect girl you will ever find.
Mya is the most beautiful person I have ever seen.
Yeah obviously, just look at her, shes perfect.
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Mya’s are loving and caring people... they are always by your side no matter what. I know this because I have a best friend named Mya myself and she is the BEST BY FAR!!! She is very kind, sweet and beautiful! If you find a Mya DONT LET HER GO!!! She is the best and will go through so many things with you. You won’t be able to imagine what life will be like without her... ILY Mya💘
Mya is the Best!!!
by Bj1225 February 20, 2019
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The most amazing friend a girl can have!!! She is all around Funny, Smart, Kind and Amazing. Mya will put a smile on your face! If a Mya reads this you are Awesome and don't let anyone change that ♡
Did you see Mya!

Mya is soo awesome!
by Laur_spammz September 12, 2019
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Mya is the nicest and most caring person you will meet. She's also very smart, funny, talented, helpful, really easy to talk to and generally will always be there for you and listen to you. You can always count on a Mya and she is probably one of the best people you will ever meet
Person 1:"hey i need help with something"

Person 2: "why don't you just go talk to Mya?"
by Chicken_nugget457 January 27, 2018
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Mya, the most beautiful girl ever, her eyes like the sea, tall, brown hair, artistic and funny with the most perfect laugh and smile, she has the most perfectly placed lips, Mya is an amazing kisser, all the girls wish they were her and all the boys wish they had her but she is the most grounded kind person you will ever meet, But don't get a Mya upset or angry as she is extremely good at revenge and always gets what she wants, Mya speaks the truth, Mya is a total bad ass,Mya is reckless, She has great sense of fashion and is unique, if you get your hands on a Mya don't lose her
'Hey was that amazing girl you were with the other day a Mya?'

'Yes it sure was'
by Memez2 March 10, 2017
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Perfect hot athletic and awesome. She's a heart breaker often known as the ice queen. She everything
by Sue bob December 09, 2014
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