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The informal way of saying ight
BigMacNIGGA: my tv is messed up you gotta wait


BigMacNIGGA: I'll let you know tho ight?


by DefTheDefguy March 24, 2020
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Person A: dude, ask your mom if we can go to the mall
Person B: igh
by awltherage September 01, 2007
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I'm going home.
Literal meaning. Means that you are, in fact, going back to your home.
now used in rpg games for people going back to save points or rendevous areas.
South park:
Cartman: screw you guys, I'm going home. (hes going home)

a) yo lets go pk some noobs in the dungeons
b) cant need to go lvl up some more.
a) k well then for now igh.
b) kk
by anon12345anon March 11, 2008
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Noun (ih-tal-ee-in gg-ay huh-ng-kkh)

1. Italian homosexual muscular guy

2. Homosexual guido

3. Jesson

4. Italian Gay Hunk (as abbreviated)
...OMG! If only Ronnie from Jersey Shore were an IGH!
by Skylar Beck December 22, 2010
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