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Mya can be your best friend or, maybe even a little more than that. Mya's are usually very kind, funny, and beautiful. If Mya is in your life, she can be your best dream, or your worst nightmare. Mya is prepared for anything, Although she always has a revenge plan up her sleeve, she can comfort you and make you feel special. Mya is the girl that all the boys will fall for. She is very sweet at all costs and can get a good laugh out of you. She has deep hatred for her looks but doesn't understand the beauty seen by all her surroundings. If you catch a Mya, hold on to her, you may never find a girl as great as her!
Guy: Man, I wish that girl was mine
Guy2: You mean Mya? Everyone does
by awesomeness187059 March 09, 2017

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She can be very intelligent but at the same time very competitive and thirsty to beat you. She balances her friendships and her relationship steadily and will dump you the moment you make her mad, immediately!!!! If you find a Rachel, watch your back she will come at you like a bear. She can sometimes be salty and sassy, and a bit of a drama queen, so if you are looking for a Rachel, always be prepared for anything.
Guy: Look at that girl she's so cool
Guy2: I wouldn't go there she's a Rachel
Guy: Oh, I get it
by awesomeness187059 March 09, 2017

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Amber is normally really bitchy to everyone around her. But she's also very intelligent and clever. Most Amber's have a really big gap between their two front teeth. Amber is the type of person you don't want to be friends with. But if you are, prepare for her pathetic drama.
Guy 1: I should go be friends with that girl

Guy 2: No, don't. She's an Amber

Guy 1: Really? I'm not prepared for that bitchy drama
by awesomeness187059 February 15, 2018

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