A face mask manufactured by My Pillow.
"I'm going for a walk, but I'm wearing My Mask ."
by Billy Shea April 1, 2020
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Common disgusted refrain two years in.
Jumped out of the Town Car and tripped onto the red carpet, bulbs flashing, "Leo! Leo!"--sheeeit, forgot my mask! I'll look like a tool in Star. Third time today. All that primo Jack Herer weed doesn't help.

"We need snow bomb provisions," Tron nagged me. But I had to drive home without the requested t.p., soy milk, Heineken Zero or Gerber peas, and got seriously spanked. Sheeeit, forgot my mask! Again!
by Hifalutin! February 6, 2022
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A jet-black KN95 just won’t do for church, travel or mad clubbing at the Gold Room.
“It’s a glitter bomb, what can I say,” tear-streaked Angie apologizes as she steps out of Frank E. Campbell funeral home “– it’s My Nicest Mask.”

“It might only be Spirit,” Guppy explained, “but after postponing this trip for two years I am sure gonna put on My Nicest Mask—and eat any damn in-flight non-GMO peanuts they provide.”
by Hifalutin! February 5, 2022
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The act of wearing a face mask while you have bad breath or lingering booze seeping from your pores
I drank too much tequila last night, so luckily with the Covid mask mandate, I'll be masking my breath from my boss today!
by GlazeHer September 19, 2020
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