Multiple wounds inflicted on to a person, causing death or severe pain
Mutilation: Dislimb, Gutting, Slicing, Cutting
by DEAD May 5, 2003
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Destroying the beauty of something. Usually referring to the genitals.
"That makeup is mutilation to my face."
by internationaldefinitions September 2, 2015
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Mutilator is the great melee god of Grand Theft Auto, And is feared among even his own, he is said to be sadistic in ways not even Tommy Egan could understand
"We're getting screwed out here, Someone call the great Odin of Melee Fighting 'SOM Mutilator'"
by Mutiles September 7, 2018
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To cut down your own parts of your body.
Holy shit Bob! Why the fucking hell did you mutilate your leg??
by DarkProdigy March 2, 2008
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A teenage Punk/Blues/Garage/Indie/Psychedelic/Alternative Rock trio based out of The Manor neighborhood in San Leandro, CA formed in early 2011. The group includes dedicated musicians, Jordan Macapagal on drums, Antonio Villegas on bass, and Eric Escobedo on guitar and vocals. They are known for their vintage yet contemporary sound, aggressive attitude, and trippy deep lyrics that tell dark stories that are fictional or based on true events.
My favorite song by The Mutilations is "59 Lovers".
by niggasontheblock January 16, 2013
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Hurting yourself in any way at all. Remarkably similar to eating disorders and substance abuse. Can be a cry for attention, a type of self-punishment or just a way of letting out frustration and depression. No matter what the form or reason, this is a disease and a serious, widespread problem. It is also extremely addictive and leads to downwards spirals of reclusive behavior, guilt and high-risk living.
Self-mutilation can be cutting, head-slamming, wrist banging, scratching, picking, burning, bruising- anything painful.
by carma July 31, 2006
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Self-mutilation is when someone hurts themselves to release some form of pain. Usually cutting, pulling hair, burning, banging etc. Making fun of them is not going to help. Just because you have different ways of coping doesn't mean you should make fun of people that already have problems hating themselves etc. Self-mutilators need help they don't need people picking on them.
Self-mutilation is dangerous. If someone you know is self-mutilating get some kind of help.
by pour real life out September 20, 2006
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