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An Egan Is a person who is very tall and tans nicely and is handsome. Has been seen with a wondering mind sometimes dozes off unexpectedly. has an incredible imagination. Does impersonations of just about anything.. very observant. Is a good guesser can be a detective one day. moderatly athletic can play any sport well enough. moderately smart can complete any AP class you throw at him. Will cheer you up when your down will keep a positive attitude and makes a great leader. Also an irish name. is irresistable to any woman. great small talker. once was attacked by a great white shark and won. Defeated King Kong on the Empire State building and Godzilla is portrayed because of Him. Dropped the atomic bombs ending world war two also won a champion boxing match with Muhammed Ali also heald the middle heavy wieght championship bealt against Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson in the UFC beat Micheal jordon in a one on one Basketball Match wouldnt be afraid to show his feminine if he had one ran 10 marathons in a day without any water or food traveled every desert with nothing but the clothes on his back Swam 4 miles without taking a breath wrestled a grizzly bear and won climed to the top of mount Everest, mount St. Helens, and mount Etna he has been to every country but 4 and has gotten to shake 8 presidents hands in the museums he is allowed to touch the art and change them as he so pleases all in all the Egan is a very special breed of people
Woman 1: wow that man is gorgeous!
Woman 2: yeah, thats because he is Egan
by themanwiththemagictouch May 27, 2010
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Any person of Irish descent that is incredibly slow in their actions and speech. AS slow as they may be however, they are incredibly witty and make great allies yet terrible foes.

-Note- not to be associated with Eagan, which is nothing special
That dude must be an Egan, everything about his screams it.
by JNegs August 27, 2007
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A town with no remarkable landmarks, well known people, nor any form of fast food. Still considered a village to this day.
Bob: So where do you live?
Derek: Egan.
Bob: Where's that?
Derek: Between Crowley and Jennings.
by Squibaldish August 17, 2008
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