Popular drink amongst former Yugoslavian nations made of very cheap red wine mixed with Coca-Cola, or some other soda drink.

So named because it is something Italian (the cheap red wine), in a brown coat (the coke), just like Mussolini the Fascist.
1: Bartender, make me a mussolini, meng.
2: What's that meng?
1: Coke & Red Wine!
2: Meng, that's wack.
1: What up.
by Saul Goode Watson March 11, 2010
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The act of dipping ones nuts into marinara sauce then having your partner lick it off lovingly.
Man I was in my kitchen eatin' bread sticks and this slut came in and I made her give me a mussolini!
by James Boyd December 14, 2007
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Due to the orange tinge of the make-up he wears on his face and his dictatorial approach to politics, Donald Trump is known as the Tangerine Mussolini.
The Tangerine Mussolini asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails.
by gizmo+2 August 01, 2016
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A colloquial nickname for the 45th President of the United States of America, quickly growing in popularity and usage.
"In our top news story tonight, Cheeto Mussolini has made orange spray tans obligatory for all citizens of the United States, except for Hispanics, Muslims and Blacks, who are of course not considered Americans anymore."
by Il Toto April 01, 2017
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Prominent Italian chef, and youngest son of former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Was the original inspiration for, and currently shares a name with, the pasta fettuccine. Also a key player in the historical nomenclature of associated dish fettuccine alfredo. Twin brother of magician Zucchini Mussolini.
Greg: Mmmmm I love this authentic fettucine alredo pasta dish - thanks Olive Garden!

Waitress: You're welcome! Did you know that dish is named after the famous Italian pasta chef Fettuccine Mussolini?

Greg: Is he related to the magician or the facist dictator?

Waitress: Both!

Definition brought to you by Olive Garden.
by Merriam W. October 31, 2018
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the point at which all dignity is lost and the shit you've been holding in for too long ruins your underwear.

most common at the mall during the holiday season, during a softball game after drinking too much coffee or the ride home after a tex-mex dinner with your family.
where are your underwear?

Mussolini's Kiss. I had to ditch them in the changing room at Dillards.
by BobbySecrets December 04, 2010
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Pissed-off Italian dude.
Benito Mussolini... why you so angry? Is it because all of your women are so hairy? Have a meatball.
by copernicusmike September 06, 2007
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