People who cheer, support, value, appreciate, applaud, endorse and invest in the efforts of Elon Musk, founder and/or co-founder of Tesla Motors, Space-X and Solar City among others

Investors in Tesla Motors.

Owners of Tesla cars.

People who work with or for Elon Musk's companies.
Stock traders have shorted Tesla to their peril so far as Musk and his Musketeers have proven they can deliver the goods in the form of the Model S which Consumer Reports said was the best car they ever tested.
by captainquirk September 18, 2013
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One of the (possibly 3) bitches on you.

Morphology: "Got 3 bitches on me like the 3 Musketeers"
"Ay man I got this Musketeer that won't stop snapping me"
by Sir Truman September 9, 2020
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When you pass a kidney stone and jizz at the same time,firing the stone as if it were a musket ball.
Aw man,last week I was musketing over hooker;shit went right through her skull and killed her.
by Frosty Dice July 12, 2021
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The musket occurs when the condom slips off while having sex with a girl, unbeknownst to both partners. The man, unaware of the event, pushes the condom deeper and deeper inside of her with each following thrust, simulating the packing of a musket.
"Dude, I think I gave her the musket last night."
by Cawthon2007 October 26, 2011
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A musket is a small cardboard tube (one typically found in a pack of RAW cones)with a filter, filled with the weed left over from rolling a cone or joint. Using a "ramrod" the weed is packed down and the tube is trimmed. A Muskets resemble a one hitter but can last for multiple hits.
Some guy with a Confederate flag cowboy hat wanted to smoke weed for the first time so I packed him a musket. Two hits turned him into general Lee.
by gilman_god January 19, 2019
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Being under the influence and/or heavily feeling the effects of three separate substances
"Oh man after taking my pain meds, drinking, and smoking that herb I'm so Musketeered!"

-Also "Amigoed", "Bermudaed" or "Triangled"
by Dylan989 December 23, 2009
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From your Hand cannon to your conical all muskets are single shot and very slow firing. They require your primer(if using a percusion cap you don't need this)gun powder put down the barrel. Then you ram with a ramming rod your projectille down the barrel
A musket was first made back in the 1300s . They where first just simple metal tubes that had gunpowder, a ball, and a hole to stick a flaming piece of rope down.These where called hand cannons. The ottomans where one of the first groups to use a matchlock musket.
A matchlock musket was shaped about 5 to evn six feet long . It was fired by the trigger being pulled and slaming a lit piece of rope down on a hole that gunpowder was in.
Then came along the wheellock. It was fired by a piece of gyraphite slaming on a wheel inside the musket causing sparks .
The next musket was a flint lock . When you pulled the trigger a piece of flint would slam on to a piece of metal . The sparks created by this would light the powder.
For hundreds of years muskets wher very innaccurate and only had a maxium distance of 100m. Until rifling came into the picture. Rifling is a set of spiraled groves in the barrel. It gives the projectille a spin and makes it more accurate and go longer distances.
This made there effective range skyrocket and in some muskets , the ball would hit where you aimed for 300 yards. During the revolutionary war the British standard weapon was the brownbess which was a rifled musket and some of the colonist had kentucky long-rifles.
Two more major inventions came for muskets during the 1800s . The percussion cap was the main one.
On a percussion cap musket there is a tube called the nipple. You place the percussion cap on ther and fired. This allowed powder to burn much better and due a way with the use of primer and reduced fowling or the barrel getting so dirty it couldn't fire.
After that a french man invented something called the minne' ball or as we know the conical bullet. It was shaped as a cone like a modern bullet.
alot of muskets could have this shoved down there muzzle and still fire or there was a gun called a breach loader which is not a musket could fire them.
The conical made alot of guns have accuracy with the proper sights up to 1000 yards.
I shot the deer with a Flint lock musket.
by scannerfish December 1, 2004
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