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An old term that many people forgot that is coined for people who fornicate in Murrsuits
(Sexualized Fursuits). Often confused with Furries, this group of people are the ones that are getting in groups and having intercourse. The difference between Murries and Furries, are that Murries want to fuck everything they see, and Furries are the ones that: Share art (SFW // NSFW), help others, want to bring joy with their suits.
Stay away from the Murries, kids.
by Xen Xen January 10, 2018
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Maury Povich but blacks on the show typically pronounce his name as "Murry".
"Murry, that not my baby..."
by South Talk August 22, 2012
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to be groped or touched in a sexual way randomly by a drunk/sobre friend or aquaintance.
'hahahahah hy well got murryed by gine the other day...just out of the blue it was piss funny'

'gine should keep her hands to herself and stop murrying everyone' ;)
by :L:L:L:L:L:L May 14, 2009
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Some one who is stupid, not all together there and/or unco.
Dave:(breaking somthing)"CRASH!SMASH!BREAK"
Mark:"Dave, what are you?"
Dave:"a Murry"
by Lem January 06, 2005
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