Short for Vagina, only good Vagina, not some fat, smelly, old piece of shit vagina.
"HOLY SHIT your gine is so hot that when I spooged inside it there was a bunch of white steam that came out of your gine. I would stick my penis in your gine ANYTIME FOSHO slutbag"
by the st3 October 10, 2005
/ jīn / : strokes of genius, someone or something that has "it"; hilarious perfection; brilliance.
Ex: Whoever thought of putting pineapple in a pork taco is gine; Ex: If you need it used in a sentence you don't have it.
by augustusandhazel April 17, 2015
Barbadian (bajan) slang for "going"
I gine down town today
by BajanPrincess March 30, 2015
to gine, gining
from vagina,

when girls snuggle or spoon and rub thier giners together
i can't wait to gine with my girls kat megan and leigh at our next sleepover.
by becca lutter September 25, 2004
a virgina, or referring to woman
The guys are going out tonight to mack the gine. Where is all the gine at the party tonight?
by ericswill69 July 30, 2006
Plural for girl, especially as an object of sex.
There was so much gine running around that club, it was sick!
by jeff March 21, 2004