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The act of getting the "Munchies" through drinking alcohol.
Dude, I got the Munkies hella bad last night after going 23 deep.
by The drunks August 12, 2009
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Available Domains :D

1.) Awesome guitarist in an amazing nu-metal band called Korn. Named as such because of his abnormaly long toes. Check out Who Then Now.
2.) An enthusiastic person who is the life of the party.
3.) Someone that people have named a doofus, not smart, dimwitted, and such.
Person 1: Did you see Munky play tonight?
Person 2: Oh fuck yeah!
Person 1: He was amazing,huh?
Person 2: Like Always!
by Post_Production March 07, 2008
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(1)One who is great! An Awesome, Happy-Go-Lucky Indivual. One who is the life of the party. Possesing the qualities or animal wildness/Party Animal styles of a Munky. One who is Wild and outa control. Just likes to have fun. The Life of the party.

(2) One who was born in the Chinese New Year of The Monkey. Or one that has the personality traits of a Monkey.

(3) Ability to have fun. "Munky'in Around", Or Way of life.
He is soo Munky Like
Why live a dull life, when you can live like a Munky!
Chris: I can't believe that Moe is soo wild, He is such an Animal.
Dorothy: Well thats my Munky. ;)
Fred: Where does he get those wonderful Moves?
Shawn: Dudee... Hes a MUNKY!!!
by Moe Han July 09, 2006
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High grade hydro produce. More commonly found in the uk since folks realised soap is bad and gardening is good. Originating in the Netherlands.
by theolonius munky October 21, 2004
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A name given to those who lack the skill to be accepted into society.
syn. Kiwi, Loser, Leiche
Leiche is so munky.
by Inruin February 20, 2004
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a noun. you say this when ben comes in vent.
Its A Munky!
by tony June 09, 2004
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