I just like good old chocolate biscuits and a cup of tea, I like mundialities.
by Skweeky July 15, 2006
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Means shit world. *spanish is also a sweet ass song done by the casualties
1.Fuck i hate shit world and its social norms.Mierda mundial!

by Dirty Rotten Imbecile October 6, 2006
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The Paralympics equivalent of the World Cup. Except unlike the Paralympics which accepts people with any disability, Retardinho Soccer only accepts those with mental disabilities, and even includes people who are not disabled at all, but simply just retarded.
My application to Mundial Retardinho Soccer was accepted after I asserted that 2+2=5.
by Idontknowanymorepleasehelp August 26, 2020
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A bootleg Brazilian version of 1996's International Superstar 64, a soccer game for the Nintendo 64. It recently became the new Rick Roll of some sorts, where you never expect the opening to appear, but yet it does. Also one of the best games ever created by the human race, and can even be said unironically.
Guy 1: Damn I'm bored. What do you want to do besides play boring EA world famous FIFA?
Guy 2: How about we play Mundial Ronaldinho Soccer 64?
Guy 1: Damn hell no I don't even have a n64.
Wendy's Manager: *opens dumpster* Who the hell are you and why did you make a man cave inside of the dumpster behind the restaurant?
Guy 2: F U C K
by Dang_dats_not_bad May 10, 2020
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`person: what should we play
other person: how about Mundial Ronaldinho Soccer 64
person: wut is that
other person hahahahahaha, ronaldinho saucer
by hunterthebird May 29, 2020
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Can’t believe you’re having a mundial over that! Pathetic
by wh13te August 22, 2019
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