A dark grey video gaming console that demands your respect and attention.

(also has a knack for collecting fuzz)
Hey, how'd all that fuzz get in there?
by Amber Almighty January 17, 2005
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Nintendo 64. Nintendo's 64-bit games console, the successor to the SNES.
The N64 ruled but the cost of cartridges (medium of which the games were stored on) cost a small fortune and ultimately killed off the machine.

The Game Cube now succeeeds it.
by Bruce Lee March 28, 2003
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One of the first 3D gaming systems, and the last one to operate wiothout discs, meaning that there was no loading time any of its games.
I have an N64, a GameCube, and pride.
by Diggity Monkeez May 20, 2005
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The most kick-ass system ever. It had some awesome games. It did use cartridges, but cartridges give us minimal loading time. Sometimes, you can even save data on a cartridge itself. The official controller was sorta-sucky, but that was the only downside.

The Gamecube is nothing compared to the N64.
Even after almost 10 years, my N64 still works like a charm.
by Zicksen August 19, 2006
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to place your pointer finger and middle finger spread apart in front of your lips indicating a cunnilingus maneuver
"That bitch cut me off so I flashed her the N64"
by Bill F Murray February 11, 2009
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A once younger adolescent who

1. Idolizes Nintendo 64
2. Likes the idea of renting games from Blockbuster
3. Loves his white pajamas
4. Is one of several major fads of YTMND
Famous Quotes from N64 Kid

D. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

As of Late July 06, the best ytmnd is him and Lex Luther
by jeph da 5'9 July 26, 2006
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