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The appearence of one's dick when cleaning one's dick with toilet paper or kleenex after sex.
I was cleaning my junk with toilet paper after sex and the pieces of paper that got stuck made it look like a mummy dick. So I chased my girlfriend around the room with it.
by dohboy69 August 27, 2009
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7-11 or a convenience store hot dog. Which has been cooking for so long it now resembles a mummy dick.
by Indiequeen13 June 10, 2016
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A:) When a person in Cinnaminson Wraps toilet paper around their weiner
B:) When your wiener dies and your body doesnt; hences preserved by toilet paper
After having my weiner bitten off by a KlossStien McDevin, and returned in toliet paper, sewed back on, and it bacame a Mummydick
by SJ3 December 01, 2006
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Wrapping your penis in toilet paper to prevent it from touching an unsanitary surface.
Yo man. I took a nap on the shitter today and went full mummy Dick cuz that bowl was nasty
by Naught Parrot October 18, 2018
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When a woman beats her male colleagues in a meeting or otherwise using the power of logic and natural authority
She used her mummydick to get her point across

She just unleashed her mummydick in that meeting
by Stammerhammer May 02, 2015
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