the best YouTuber ever (in my opinion) he plays Minecraft hermitcraft he also makes a lot of Minecraft Redstone videos
person 1: are you subscribed to mumbo jumbo?

person 2: no.
person 1: why go ahead and subscribe.
by mumbo jumbo huge fan October 22, 2020
Mumbo Jumbo - Redstone God, Plays mostly Minecraft on Hermitcraft Server (currently Season 6) with Grian, Xisumavoid etc.
Wow, This poston elevator is the same as Mumbo Jumbo built!
by Boolder July 17, 2019
adjective to describe who is a little chonky
james is looking a bit mumbo jumbo today
by BiggDickkSam May 2, 2019
Used to describe something that is non-sense or is just stupid
by The Toxic Gecko May 13, 2020
Mumbo Jumbo is the secret meaning of WEED, known around scotland especially around carnoustie (shitehole)
guy 1: lets watch some mumbo jumbo! guy 2: ok!
by Dickhead382 September 23, 2019
Mumbo Jumbo is a chunky guy with a great personality. He likes to lick shoes for fun, and his favorite dinner food is people's big toes.
Mumbo Jumbo just ate my cousins big toe! He looks like jumbo mumbo though.