Mumbo Jumbo, often referred to as just Mumbo, is a skull-faced shaman who appears in every game in the Banjo-Kazooie series. Mumbo may be related to a "Witch Doctor".
"Banjo: This may seem like a stupid question, Mumbo Jumbo... But why are you standing next to a ticking bomb?
Mumbo: Bomb!? Eekumbokum! Mumbo not know it was a bomb! Bomb make big bang, Mumbo's Nuts fly higher than Cloud Cuckooland!
Mumbo busy sweeping yard when he hear strange noise. Big metal bird fall from sky, almost land on shaman's skull.
Kazooie: Almost? Shame, it might here done you some good... Okay bonehead, then what happened?
Mumbo: Mumbo poke metal bird with broom. Bird start to tick. Now Mumbo in much trouble. Oomenacka!
Banjo: To be honest, Mumbo, we don't have much experiencie with high explosives. What do you want to us do?
Mumbo: Bear use Mumbo's tractor to take bomb to Bottles! Red smoke lead bear to mole, he officer in Armed Forces deal with this stuff before... probably. Mole wait at Nutty Island airfield. Mole short-sighted but clever. He stop bomb make big bang! Bear be quick. Bomb timer reach zero, bear make nice rug. Oomenacka!
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by BrochachoYT June 26, 2019
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Mumbo Jumbo is a chunky guy with a great personality. He likes to lick shoes for fun, and his favorite dinner food is people's big toes.
Mumbo Jumbo just ate my cousins big toe! He looks like jumbo mumbo though.
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