slang term for black-people-speak
i can't understand the mumbo jumbo of that NBA all-star.
by Crasist September 29, 2009
The act of taking your fingers, putting them in all different directions, then sticking it up a womans vigina
Bro, last night i gave Ashley a mumbo jumbo
by mike wethington June 13, 2007
1. (n) A temporary, debilitating condition whereby a student overthinks an exam question and mentally jumbles up similar concepts, leading to extreme confusion, frustration, and panic during the test. Mumbo Jumbo Syndrome is the unproven leading cause of exam failure and is usually a result of last-minute cramming. Typically affects STEM students.
1. "Man, I totally just confused the steps of the citric acid cycle with those of the urea cycle on that biochemistry exam. I definitely suffered from Mumbo Jumbo Syndrome."

2. "Was number 8 A or B? I totally had Mumbo Jumbo Syndrome and confused the definitions."

3. "I wish I hadn't crammed for this test. I have a feeling that I'm going to get Mumbo Jumbo Syndrome when we're asked about mitosis and meiosis. I always confuse them!"

4. "I failed. I had really bad Mumbo Jumbo Syndrome during that exam! I kept going back and forth between A and D; I couldn't remember the study material well enough and kept justifying both answers to myself. I started panicking and ended up just questioning everything I knew in the middle of the test."
by biochemisCry April 7, 2020
It’s the term used to describe the stuff that stupid people say.
Bre keeps talking about how you can cook with the cheesy stuff that she gets in her hoo haa and I can’t handle anymore of her butthole mumbo jumbo.
by Shegruwell December 10, 2018
When your school is being shot up and fuck the nearest hot dead body.
*Bang* *Bang* *Bang* Hey bob I know we getting shit at right now but I’m gonna go do the New Mexican Mumbo Jumbo on the teacher.
by bobby12636162552 November 5, 2022
A minecraft youtuber who is British and does a lot of red stone he is a pretty famous youtuber and made some really cool things has many parody’s of him.
by Α January 14, 2022
very x 10 ²⁰⁰⁰ good Minecraft redstoner who has over 8 mil subs on YT.
Guy 1: Hey I’m having some problems with this Minecraft piston door.

Guy 2: Why don’t you watch Mumbo Jumbo’s tutorial?
by Pseudonymatronic February 7, 2022