A program that decides to not work for a period of time, due to it being busy or it is processing something, and sometimes no reason at all. Also, some programs can do this for forever and literally piss you off instantly and wanting to force quit the program in Task manager or in severe cases, throw your computer out the window.
Mozilla Firefox (Not Responding)
Me: Goddammit, not again... I'll wait...
(5 hours later)
Mozilla Firefox (Not Responding)
(Throws computer out)
by aaaaaiiiiiiieeeee March 28, 2012
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This thing is happening when you have pentium 1 and open google chrom.
Your brain.exe (not responding)
by hehehheheheheheeheheheh March 11, 2017
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To answer, to reply, to say something in return.
A poor example:


Martin: Yes, I am here.

John: u just responded, rigt??/?

Martin: Yes. Yes I did.
by Requisite July 23, 2008
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A thirst responder is someone who follows the firefighters in on a scene of a crime or a crisis with a water bottle and they really hate that hes there. Cause he just squirts all the people in the face that are in peril and the firefighters are like we are trying to save this person. The thirst responder is like "They look thirsty to me" and he like squirts them in the face. The firefighters dont know where he came from but its a sad story when you really go back in time. The poor guy watched someone thirst to death in a building that wasnt on fire. After that he thought anyone who was in trouble is probably thirsty so he carries water and Gatorade around with him. The police just cant catch him cause hes wanted for a lot of things like not being the place where hes supposed to be
by Vadoom335 October 29, 2017
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When someone says something to you, you ask them to repeat it and still don't have a clue about, so rather than asking them to repeat again, you stimulate a variety of different responses such as;
Nodding your Head
Smiling and Looking at The person
Looking Down
Looking Concerned

This method of reply is often useful when speaking to people with strong accents, or old people.
Dan: Wow thats a nice watch, how much was that?
Ted: What?
Dan: How much was your watch
Ted: Yes *Smiles* (Superficial Responding)
by R4inman May 17, 2007
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Dudes that start hitting on a girl immediately after she becomes single.
Bryce didn't even wait an hour after jen ended her relationship to ask her out. He's such a thirst responder.
by Yesitwo August 31, 2017
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First Responder,
Some guy who is the first guy in line for that free pitcher of beer at the Brewery.
Volunteer Fireman Bob is such a worthless asshole he calls 10 times a week begging for a keg of beer for his fireman's summer party. Why he must have heard somebody got a SSDI disability check and he's the first responder to beg for that money.
by LatNerd April 20, 2011
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