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Being the best at bating. An absolute master, to be exact. You must not act like a douche, you must just bate. And bate well. Very well. what is bating? if you do not know, you will not find out.
by white brown! May 3, 2010
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The best sentence or sentence-filler ever.
"What have you been doing?" "Mumble mumble."

Welcome to asperger king, where your extremely specific fast-food order is our mumble mumble.
by white brown! May 4, 2010
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The complete truth; unless you are a girl or gay, you have no feelings. Feelings are for girls and gays.
"Man" 1: Oww! My feelings! :(
MAN 2: Feelings are GAY! (SMACK)
by white brown! November 23, 2010
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