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A slang term, popular amongst US troops like myself, referring to Iraqi or Afghani insurgents. Derived from the overused Arabic word, mujahideen, which means "one or a group of holy fighter(s)." Insurgents refer to themselves as a mujahideen, when really they are just a bunch of fucking terrorists.
The muj in Fallujah ran down the street, spraying their AK's with no accuracy, and got blown to haji jerkey by us. HOOAH!
by Squirell June 23, 2005
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Verb. To watch over and admire someone. Commonly referred to as a Peadophile.
“Hey man, did you see Sami being a muj?”
Chantelle is a victim of mujjing”
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by SavageTeachersPet November 15, 2017
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