A Muslim guerrila who engages in Holy Jihad.
by Bosniak February 27, 2005
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A believer of Islam who fights in a holy war or jihad. This word can be tied to the concept of "struggle"; so the definition could be {one who struggles (fighting) against an enemy of Islam, Muslims, &/or Allah.}
The mujahideen will be the resistance to those who try and destroy Islam.
by Half-Breed May 26, 2007
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A dangerous and psychotic killer usually found in the middle east who professes the "faith" of Islam and is often found beheading poor chaps from the western world in order to further advance his personal glory in the eyes of Allah.

Raised in a mass-hysteric religion which promotes horrific violence to satisfy a bloodthirsty god, these hidden predators know no true happiness in life and merely fester within their own anger, like a frustrated animal in a self-wrought cage.
If you like your head atop your shoulders, stay away from the mujahideen, man.
by Phlagellum August 25, 2004
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A mujahideen is an Islamic guerrilla who fights non Islamic forces.
The mujahideen targeted a Caucasian woman in the United States in the name of jihad (holy war).
by ScienceBurt March 7, 2020
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