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A beautiful girl who is funny and loveable. Her name is Vietnamese and means 'resembling a precious stone'. She gets a few guys, but only picks one. She is considerate of others and modest. She forgives people and accepts forgiveness.
by definitionames March 18, 2017
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the knob that is used to flush a toilet. usually silver in color.
holy shit!! i just broke the khanh.. now i can't flush my shit!
by kat girl July 23, 2006
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related to garbage, trash, useless, etc.

can be referred to as Trash Kan.
Hey look that guy plays like Khanh! Just like trash!
Let’s take a selfie with Khanh! *takes selfie with Trash Can
by namesakedefinition November 09, 2018
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The one that got away. She is a one of a kind, funny, generous, warm-hearted girl who left you for good. Winning her back requires substantial amount of effort, as you have to really f*** up for her to leave.
A: Dude, I miss Khanh, how can I see her again?
B: Don't even try. She is way happier without you
by the khanh expert January 10, 2019
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