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Asian girl, brown or dark hair
Kinda short, but she lives by the motto "height doesn't matter"
Big eyes. usually thin =))
she isn't obsessed with anybody or social medias
Linh is homourous and sometimes a bit miserly
usually pretty and smart
love traveling and exploring
I: Hey, what do u think about Linh?
T: oh she is cool and...

A: a bit short but i still love her personality, its damn awesome
I: same thought =))
by ayni4lovyu September 09, 2016
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by gingerale011 March 25, 2011
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Linh is an amazing Asian girl. She's nice, beautiful and very popular. Most guy will drool just thinking of her name. Also, she have amazing grades, gorgeous black hair. Her name means spirit and soul. If you get a chance to date her but pass it on, you're messed up. Shes truly one of a kind. She will listen to your problems date and night. She's a perfect human being.
Damn, Linh is gorgeous.
She is so hot man
by thatasianguy October 29, 2017
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Asian girl, kinda short, crazy awesome hair, though obsessed with dying it or bleaching it.
will always find something new to go crazy over e.g. DS
Has been known to photowhore a lot.
Linhs are dominantly girly, though they're appearance maybe deceive their actually personality, such that they might look like a japanese boy.
Linhs are sensitive and caring people, and when in love, will love truly.

also, they all have weird angry stares that will somehow either creep you out or make you change your mind completely

That linh is so nice, but why does she look like a guy from japan?

Linh stared at me weird today when i told her i didn't like tidus, so i felt weird n changed my mind.
by TwistedVindication07 April 11, 2009
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1. a Vietnamese name, usually unisex, most commonly misspelled as Lin (Chinese origin)

2. a guy with a drop-dead smile, hot ass, killer body, and an almost six-pack abs, very friendly and active but sometimes likes to remain aloof. Likes to cook, and very good at that too. But girls, don't get your hopes up because Linh is not much of a commitment guy.

3. someone who is especially fond of candlelit dinner
1. - Hey Linh, you Vietnamese?
- yup

2. Girls swoon when Linh smiles at them.

3. Linh took me to see a movie and then he insisted on a candlelit dinner. How romantic.
by NhHAM August 28, 2010
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An Extreamly sexy women who if you meet you should be grateful and proud but don't take anything she says seriously and be warned there smart!
Have you met Linh? She is incredible!
by seattlerain February 05, 2010
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1. A name for a boy or a girl of a Vietnamese background.
2. A person who calls people numbnuts.
1. Hey Linh!
2. That Linh keeps teasing Sam with numbnut!
by Crusnik October 21, 2006
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