Muhammad Anas Is the Most Beautiful Person in the World! He is Just the Best person in His Class And School He Usually Use The app Called "Discord" He Chats with his Friends, He is the Cute Person In the World! He is comfortable with hugs and Other He is usually a Sleepy boy! Love you, Anas!
"My name is Muhammad Anas" "Oh How was your Day Muhammad Anas?"
by Smiley.#2466 December 12, 2021
he is cool and funny and also hot he likes lots of girls and gets them on dick he is very funny and his best friends name is "sexoffenders" he also has a big dick and he is funny
syed muhammad haider zaidi is funny
by abdualuhabzza April 14, 2022
"Muhammad Rao" literally means the best. A Muhammad Rao will always have an entrepreneurial mindset and a 100% guaranteed successful future. A Muhammad Rao is good in all aspects of life and no one can compete with him. A Muhammad Rao gets more than a 100 tinder matches daily but he does not give a damn. Always be a friend with a "Muhammad Rao" you won't regret it.
Be more like "Muhammad Rao", you little bitch.
by thecoolbot_ November 22, 2021
absolute chad with a gigantic penis and an even larger brain
girl1: I think I am in love
girl2; Is it another Muhammad Rao?
by chadmaster420 November 22, 2021
Faizan is amazing, be friends with him cos he’s so cool.
Tall and good looking, be sure to hit him up ladies.
Muhammad Faizan Rashad is a tall person.
I wanna date Faizan.
Faizan’s such a good friend.
Faizan’s so fit.
by WagwanWidItFamALam November 23, 2021