Muhammad Reza is the most sexiest person.He has bright smile and his hair is as soft as a clould if you having a bad day he will know and cheer you.He is as smart as einstein and knows the solution to every problem.
Muhammad Reza is the coolest person I have ever met
by I'm never wrong.? March 5, 2022
A very dark man, usually one that is not sexually pleasing, homosexual
I dont like these people there muhammad kah
by fortnitekid1234XD May 3, 2021
The most compassionate and understanding person. Very kind, helpful and caring and has a big heart. A determined individual. Focused on making other happy. A perfect individual. The person to marry him is considered the most luckiest. A Shaybah
by ZawjatiM November 22, 2021
One of the worlds coolest and sick dude. NO DOUBT. a very important english word

U are muhammad subhani
by 69papa subscribe to pewdipie November 30, 2018
Orang yang keren, ganteng, swag, mantep, dan keren(2) pokoknya gitu dah
Nama saya Muhammad Falah Ibrahim dari kelas XI MIPA 1
by Acong November 23, 2021
The hottest sexy person ever. They pull girls called Imaan and they are besties with Zayne. They will be rich and have a perfect life.
OMG I bet he is a muhammad Tai
by ImaanXv_zX July 11, 2022
he is cool and funny and also hot he likes lots of girls and gets them on dick he is very funny and his best friends name is "sexoffenders" he also has a big dick and he is funny
syed muhammad haider zaidi is funny
by abdualuhabzza April 14, 2022