Cuban slang for one who lacks skill and ability. Often characterized by someone who believes they are good at something, but is not.
We won the kickball championship despite the fact that we had a tremendo muerto on our team; He refused to listen, bunt, and did not know what "take a pitch" meant.
by Estandard December 06, 2010
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Dominican slang that means garbage ass mofucker. Usually denotes people who lack the skill necessary for a particular task.
Ese tipo Voltio es un muerto rapiando.
by Domexicano March 17, 2005
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A spanish word that describe a garbage ass nigga. Usually used in Carribean Islands such as Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.
Tipo 1: Loco, tu viste a ese tipo?
(Guy 1: Yo, you saw that guy?)
Tipo 2: Ese tipo e un muerto.
(Guy 2: That guy is a muerto.)
by Domexicano March 15, 2005
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Mostly used among New York Latinos (Mostly Dominicans, Puerto Ricans) denoting that this were boring or Not going to go down like that.
Cuca:"After the club night I went back with Papo to his house."
Ta-ta: "Please don't tell me he tried push up on you?!"
Cuca: "He tried but I was like that shit is muerto papa."
by Revolutionary Mind November 01, 2007
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Abbreviation of 'Me cago en tus muertos'. A convenient way of expressing the same feeling.

When used in 2nd person it normally triggers a fight or other strong reactions, due to its extremely offensive nature. Using it in 3rd person ('sus muertos') is normally more suitable, thus expressing disgust about someone who is not listening.

See also: definition for 'Me cago en tus muertos'
Student A to Student B: - Quillo, ¿sabes que el profesor te ha cateado física?
Student B to Student A: - ¿Que si? No me jodas, quillo, ¡sus muertos! (refering to the teacher)

Friend A: - Tio, ayer me acosté con tu ex
Friend B: - ¡Tus muertos!
by bleikur March 31, 2008
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Its a tequila, cranberry and lime. Its probably one of the best drinks ever created and no bartender ever gets orders for them. They remember you and keep makin em strong.
last night we finished a bottle of jose and cran. in the morning it looked I was puking rojo muerto
by Kohl S February 19, 2011
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