literally meaning ''i shit fire'' in spanish
Mario: quieres saber algo?
Diego: que?
Mario: cago fuego
Diego: Mario que chucha
by el baño osu May 4, 2021
(shat myself upwards)-vernoub;mix between a verb and a noun. it simply means fuck and oh no. It's a frase used when you messed up or something doesn't go as planned.
aka: me cagation paribation
"I messed up bad this time didn't I? Como dice el wuelo de meni, me cago pariba"
by muse0214 September 4, 2017
An expression of Spanish origin literally translating to "I shit on God." Used to express anguish and frustration over the trials of existence. See also me cago en diez.
As a foreigner in Spain, when my Spanish friend dropped her homework in the gutter and exclaimed "Me cago en dios!" I was aghast.
by Dr. Spain March 26, 2005
Spanish for "I shit on ten", which doesn't make much sense in English. It's really a corruption of "me cago en Dios" (I shit on God).
When Pedro found out his car had been stolen he yelled: "¡Me cago en diez!"
by w00t February 23, 2005
Spanish term technically meaning "I will shit on anything", but is often used as a response to describe ones anger or anxiety towards something annoying or unbelievable
Me cago en na'!!! I just finished shooting him in the head and he still killed me. WTF!

by Kamsy June 12, 2008
English translation is : I shit over your dead parents....
It's an extremely offensive expression in Spain and South America.
You can be sure to begin a fight if you say it to anybody.
You can say it to anybody if your are trying to pick a quarrel....
Me caes mal y yo me cago en tus muertos, cabron de mierda!!!
by PAULINO August 29, 2006
An insult in Spanish, popular in Miami, which translates into "I shit on your mother."
This sometimes extended into "Conyo carajo me cago en su madre," which loosely translates into "Fucking hell, I shit on your mother."
"Me cago en su madre!" yelled Ernesto to the driver of the shiny, new Lexus that cut him off.
by Danny January 21, 2005