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The line in between your balls that extends to your anus
Dude, that girl last night pinched my meech. It was awesome!
by MoeDizzle August 22, 2016
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Too Meech can be anything you want to say it about
Example 1: Goin to the club to pick up some meeches
Example 2: Went to the bathroom and took a big meech
Example 3: Lets smoke a Meech
Example 4: Jack and Jill are up stairs..R they meeching????
by Larry Fuckin Hoover February 18, 2011
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an adjective for something/someone that is weird or crazy.

derived from the Korean language, short for "meecheen" meaning "crazy".
A: What the heck is that girl doing?
B: I don't know. She meech.
A: Meech.
by doodice April 19, 2011
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Someone who gets lots of ass, also sniffs pre workout and does meech your things
Man Chris is such a meech he got head on the football field
by Meechboy123 December 16, 2016
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A person who is a total creeper and acts like a creech. They like to creep around. Very creature like. Usually also described as "creeper," "creech," or "cretin." Meeching is the act of one doing meech-like things.
Mitch: Dude why you meeching?
Alec: Cause I meeched into town last night and meeched around in the neighborhoods.
Mitch: You are such a meech.
by I like chicken September 22, 2010
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A cross between an individual who is a mooch and a leech.

An individual who somehow gets everything for free and can't do anything alone.
That meech did not want to drive to the restaurant by herself. She came with me for the company and even ended up with a free meal paid by another friend.

That meech always wants to come out but because she does not have the uber app, she never has to pay for rides.
by Lola330 January 24, 2019
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